Melbourne Fire Safety

Growing City, Growing Density – Shrinking Fire Safety

Melbourne is big and getting bigger. We are told it’s set to speed up further still. In fact, by some measures, we have already overtaken Sydney.

The prohibitive cost of infrastructure to support the urban sprawl has more recently resulted in urban planning authorities encouraging higher density living. As Australians, we are used to a high standard of living. However higher density lifestyles do come with downsides and can place a damper on that standard of living.

Melbourne Skyline

Higher density lifestyles do come with downsides, and increased risk of fire.

Today we are living closer together, often in homes constructed of lighter materials than those built for generations prior. Add in the greater presence of more flammable materials within our home furnishings, we have a greater risk on our hands from a fire evacuation perspective. Particularly with townhouse design styles. Read more