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How much does it cost to install a smoke alarm?

In Australia, smoke alarms are now inexpensive consumer items. National hardware chains have reduced prices dramatically. Basic portable photoelectric smoke alarms are available for $12-$15 each. (including a 9v replaceable battery). Most homeowners will conduct DIY installations of portable smoke alarms. Trade attendance rates vary. e.g. $75-$85 for a handyman to attend, plus cost of […]

Playing With Fire: Tenants Moonlighting on Airbnb Place Rent Rolls at Fire Risk

Whether you’ve used one on your travels, or you simply live near one, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Airbnb. Founded less than ten years ago, the online short-term accommodation hub is now a global phenomenon. Over the past two years, I’ve stayed in three Airbnbs in which the hosts were tenants, not owner-occupiers. […]